Consultation Process

Naturopathic Nutrition Consultation

Prior to the consultation I will ask you to fill in a three day food diary to bring with you on our first meeting. I may also ask you to bring any medications or supplements you are currently taking for me to look more closely at the ingredients. If you have an extensive medical history, I may ask that you email me some key points before the initial visit.

The initial consultation will last approximately 1 hour and will entail me taking a detailed case history of your presenting symptoms and past medical history, and establishing what it is you would like to work towards. I will then go away and put together a dietary/lifestyle plan based on the information gathered, taking into account any budget restrictions you might have. This plan will be emailed to you within 2-3 working days, and I will be available for any questions or clarifications thereafter.

Follow up consultations are usually 30 minutes long and will entail us catching up about progress, challenges and successes. I will then go away and make adjustments to your current plan accordingly, with the aim of moving closer to your goals should these not be achieved yet.

The frequency of consultations varies depending on client need and how I can best support you, so this is something we decide together. The length of time it takes to reach where you want to be will also vary greatly case to case.


Iridology Consultation

The iridology consultation will take up to 1 hour and a half. I will take a magnified photo of both your irides and then look at them together with you and ask you questions based on the patterns and key markings I see. I will feedback information about what I see during the session. Following the consultation you will receive a summary report of the key findings and some basic nutritional guidance relevant to what we discussed in the consultation.

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