I’m sure you are familiar with the saying “you are what you eat”. You probably won’t be surprised to hear me say that this couldn’t be more true, and it is a notion being reinforced more than ever by the field of epigenetics. We all have a unique genetic makeup which dictates many of the physiological experiences we have throughout our lives. But more and more, science is discovering that many genes can be activated and unactivated, and that nutrition is one of the factors that can have a major influence on this.

The food we put in our body will absolutely dictate what our body does. Our bodies are a factory of incessant and relentless biochemical activity, the efficiency of which depends largely on the fuel and nutrients we put in it. All the processes that happen in our physiology require specific ingredients. In the absence of the correct fuel and nutrients or in the presence of excess toxic elements and inhibitors, the intelligent body does its best to compensate, but over time it simply cannot maintain an adequate harmony and symptoms or disease processes start to emerge. Our guts are the main gateway between the outside world and our internal habitat (and the one we have most control over), including what goes into our cells, so the first port of call for any imbalance should be to look at what we are feeding our bodies. This is especially critical in today’s world where we are bombarded by more toxins and external/internal stressors than ever before in the history of humankind, from wifi radiation, to very harsh pesticides, to hormonal disruptors, to ongoing work demands requiring us to reply to emails way past our bedtime. The food we eat, along with some lifestyle changes where possible, is a precious tool that can help us counteract some of these demands and their negative effects on our health.

There is absolutely no illness, medical condition or disease process that does not require and would not benefit in some way from adequate nutritional support. I do not prescribe diets, rather my aim is always to look at what you and your body are telling me, and to then suggest long-term sustainable lifestyle and dietary changes to help with whatever you would like support with. This might include use of supplements where indicated, and occasionally some testing may be necessary to provide further information for a well targeted plan. My approach always aims to be evidence based where possible. We would work together to establish a nutritional plan that works with your likes, preferences, busy schedule, external demands, or any medical plan you might be following, and that allows you to take charge of your health going forward.

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